Add One More C-19 Patients In Sorong City Died, A Total Of 11 People

Why? people in Covid-19 Quarantine in this City did not recover

Sorong, TN – One Covid-19 Patient Under Supervision (PDP) Treated at Sele Be Solu District Hospital in Sorong City Declared, On Saturday Yesterday (Thus, the total number of people who died in Sorong City were 11 people. Spokesperson for the Acceleration Task Force Penang Covid-19 Rudy R Behavior Said, PDP Who Died at Sele Be Solu Regional Hospital with the initials AK (51), “Yesterday, June 6, 2020, One Patient who was Confirmed Positively Died. The Patient Was the AK Initials, Age 51 and Gender Men, who complained were hospitalized at Sele Be Solu Hospital from June 1, 2020. Concerned with suspected inheritance, “Member said when he said, the patient had been buried in the Covid-19 public cemetery on Suteja Street. KM 12, In Accordance with the Burning Protocol of 11 People Who Died, Then a Negative Sample of 139 People and Positive 58 People, “concluded Rudy.