Sorong City Task Force Covid-19 spokesman, Rudy Laku. (Juru Bicara Satgas Covid-19 kota Sorong, Rudy Laku. Foto mega/TN)

Sorong, TN – The task force for the acceleration of handling the Covid-19 city of Sorong released the Covid-19 case. Based on data from June 5, 2020, there were an additional 2 cases from the villages of Rufei and Klakublik.

“Based on data from 5 June 2020, the city of Sorong has had a positive increase of 2 people. So that the total is 58 people. Then the patient who recovered is still 1 person, “explained the spokesman of the Svid City Co-19 Task Force, Rudy Laku, Saturday (06/06).

Rudy revealed, the 2 persons with the initials JB (31) have their homeland in the southern remu village and AK (51) having their address in the Klakublik ward.

“These two people are Patients in Oversight (PDP), and they are currently being treated at Sele Be Solu Regional Hospital,” Rudy explained, adding that until now the number of patients quarantined in Salak village training was 34 people.

While the update of the development of Covid-19 Sorong city as of June 6, 2020 ie 111 people without symptoms (OTG) 111 people, Monitoring Insiders (ODP) 194, 157 people finished monitoring so that 37 people are still in the process.

“For Patients Under Supervision (PDP) 42 people, 35 people finished supervision, so that there are 7 people under supervision. Patients who died 10 people, negative lab 139 people and 58 people positive, “said Rudy.

Rudy added, as for the distribution of positive cases in the city of Sorong per kelurahan, namely Kalligi, 21 people, 4 people in South Remu, 1 person in class, 1 person in class, 2 people in Malaingkedi, 9 people in Rufei, 1 in Malanu, 4 people in Pal Putih, Malawei 1 person, Klawuyuk 3 people, Malabutor 1 person, Klawasi 2 people, Klademak 2 people, Malamso 2 people, and Klakublik 1 person.

“We, from the task force, appeal again, let us implement the health protocol together to break the Covid-19 chain. Avoid the crowd, if you leave the house using a mask and always keep it clean by diligently washing your hands, so you always avoid this virus, “lid Rudy.

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