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Makassar, TN - Covid-19 tourism program conducted by the South Sulawesi Provincial Government in order to break the chain of transmission and spread of Covid-19 continues to provide good results. This is seen from the number of patients who recover and return to their homes.

The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Nurdin Abdullah, said that as many as 1,600 people without symptoms (OTG) were included in the Covid-19 tourism program, around 60 percent had recovered.

"So thank God, out of 1,600 OTG participants in Covid-19 tourism, as many as 60 percent have been declared recovered, and returned to their respective homes," Nurdin told reporters, in Makassar, Saturday (6/6).

He said, if these 1,600 people were isolated independently in their homes, and if they were left scattered everywhere, transmission could occur, especially if not carried out according to health standards.

"Let us imagine that if we are not 1,600 independent isolation, it is spread everywhere, I have imagined this South Sulawesi to be a very red zone, because of transmission," he said.

Nurdin further admitted that the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 in South Sulawesi Province continued to work hard to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission, including by conducting rapid rapid tests.

"The increase in positive numbers is considered quite balanced, because so far Forkopimda who is a member of the South Sulawesi Covid-19 Task Force has been trying to organize Covid-19. that's what we do. But some are healthy. The healthier the more, the more people get infected, the faster we recover. That's what we are trying to do, "he explained.

The Governor of South Sulawesi added, the entire community must continue to follow the government's call, and follow strict health protocols.

"Health protocols must continue to be carried out strictly by the community such as wearing masks, keep hands clean, and keep a distance, avoiding crowds. I also hope that people who are elderly and have a history of comorbidities should stay at home, because the virus is deadly and is an invisible enemy, "said the Governor.